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AFP Monthly Meetings

Monthly Meetings & Educational Programs
All meeting are held at Michael's on East unless otherwise noted.

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January 12
Creating Legacy Capital by Strengthening Donor Trust
Paula Dumas and Don Hagan, Day Hagan Assets
CFRE Area Content 6:  Accountability
Read:  Creating Legacy Capital

If 2008 taught us anything, it’s that the due diligence process must be deeper and more refined. The recent volatility in global markets over the past year has lead non-profit organizations and their donors to two conclusions:

1)       They cannot risk further principal depletion, meaning is the donation given today going to be gone tomorrow and 

2)       They need to regain what they have lost, meaning if losses do occur how will the organization recoup them.

Organizational accountability has emerged out of necessity and is no longer something on the back burner. You may be surprised to learn that organizational accountability is a meaningful and profitable means to outpace other organizations when seeking donations. Organizations must move beyond the typical reporting and due diligence of the past to provide donors with the higher level information they now require to entrust you with their money. This information will strengthen trust and ultimately create Legacy Capital for the organization.

In doing so, you will better articulate to donors and organizational constituencies the balance between managing operational cash flows and creating legacy capital to sustain the organization. You will also develop a better understanding of what your organization’s Investment Policy Statement really means to donors and your organization. More importantly, you will comprehend the performance data provided by investment professionals and know the right questions to ask to deepen your due diligence process and truly understand how the money is working for your organization. This means that you will no longer be “led” by presenters and you will know how to get to the “root” of an investment strategy, how to uncover the major and minor risks, and identify the probability that a money manager will live up to its claims.  You might be surprised to learn that Beta, Alpha and Standard Deviation are often meaningless.

Other areas that will be covered include:

a.        Report to constituencies the sources, uses, and management of donated funds in order to preserve and enhance confidence in the organization

b.        Ensure that the intent of gifts is honored so that public trust is established and preserved

c.        Ensure that the solicitation of gifts is conducted in accordance with the regulatory environment in which fundraising activities are conducted

d.        Clarify, implement, and monitor donors’ instructions by ensuring that allocations are appropriate and documented in the organization’s financial records

e.        Comply with all reporting requirements and regulations in order to demonstrate commitment to accountability and transparency

February 9
Suellen Field, CFRE.
Where the Rubber Meets the Road - Getting the Gift
CFRE Area Content 2:  Securing the Gift

Reserve here: http://www.eventbrite.com/org/21525632

Note:  this is a special meeting where we'll have a "Ask the Pro" session after the program, led by Suellen.  It will last approximately 1 hour and is available to members and non-members for $15

Larry Geimer, CPA
Kerkering Barberio & Co.
   A most unusual donation?  Are tax acknowledgement letters really important?
   Why is today a great day for all types of charitable trusts?   When does a non-cash
   donation really require an appraisal?

Reserve here:  http://www.eventbrite.com/event/574343878

April 13
AFP and Giving Matters presents:   Myra R. Daniels

Have you read her book? 
Secrets of a Rutbuster, Breaking Rules and Selling Dreams
The main reason people fail to achieve their goals is that they get stuck - in their routines, thought patterns, social circles, doubts and fears. Many don't even recognize the ruts that prevent them from reaching their potentials. Daniels discloses her eight secrets to breaking out of these ruts, based on her experiences in business, academia, as the first woman to head a national ad firm, and as founder of the Philharmonic Center in Naples, Florida.

May 11
Full Day event.  Whether you choose the attend the seminar or just the luncheon meeting, you'll spend the day with Joan Mason, Founder and President of The Mason Consulting Group - providing counsel for non-profits for 20 years.

Operating out of The Mason Group, Inc., a full-service fundraising and marketing firm in Denver, Joan provides counsel and teaches technical assistance to charities of all sizes. Working "in the trenches" as fundraising counsel for her clients, she facilitates growth by utilizing an excellent blend of skills and expertise to positively affect their current and future bottom line.

In addition to operating as a consultant, Joan has served as Director of Development in-house for numerous charities. Working with the in-house team of professionals, she guides the campaign forward using the latest in knowledge, training, board development and/or utilizing anything that is needed to reach the development goals.

June 8
Sandi Stewart, Retired CEO - Girl Scouts Gulfcoast

Planet Philanthropy - Ft. Lauderdale

AFP and NonProfit Resource Center Special Event:  Fundraisers Forum

August 10
Jay Lockaby, Wellness Centers
Barbara Zdravecky, Planned Parenthood Central and SW Florida
Alexis Upham, USF
Successful Capital Campaign Strategies
CFRE Area Content 2:  Securing the Gift

September 14

October 12
Trust Advisors Panel
CFRE Content 3:  Relationship Building

November 16
National Philanthropy Day
For regular monthly meeting, lunch and program: $25 AFP members/$30 guests

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